Okay, here’s my recipe for these out of this world brownies! Perfect to pop your backpack while hiking! What, brownies while hiking? Mhmm! They’re made from black beans so they’re protein packed & sure to power you through your adventure (even if it is an adventure on the couch..lol)!

Fudge Black Bean Brownies

Fudge Black Bean Brownies

Photo Aug 25, 9 06 56 AM title

Photo Aug 25, 9 06 56 AM titlePhoto Aug 25, 9 08 08 AM

This is one of my favorite snacks to bring to fuel me through a hike! What, I bring brownies?! Oh yeah! Not just any brownies – flourless fueled by PROTEIN packed black beans!! The reaction when I tell people these are made from black beans is a gaping- mouthed look of pure astonishment and disbelief! (more…)

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Zesty Zucchini Muffins

Photo Aug 23, 11 36 51 AM title
Photo Aug 23, 11 36 51 AM titlePhoto Aug 23, 11 38 52 AM

These muffins have a beautiful light & airy crumb!  At just 21 calories per cup, this gorgeous green squash adds depth to the bright orange-zest & cinnamon muffin.  Zucchini also packs a pretty little punch of vitamin C; 1 Cup of zucchini contains 22 milligrams (learn more here!).


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Pumpkin Raviolis with Creamy Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Pumpkin Raviolis with Creamy Pumpkin Sage Sauce

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title 2pumpkin raviolis labeled

I know, it’s EARLY for pumpkin recipes!  You know what though, I’ve been holding on to this beauty for almost a year, and I HAD to post it! If the pumpkin latte is being offered in T-minus three days, certainly we can accept pumpkin sage ravioli in a decadent cream sauce, right?!  These are sure to please every taste bud – impress your omni friends & family – gluten-free or not, these are…

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